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Paper Flowers

I make paper flowers


Hi, my name is Zoe and I'm a paper florist

The surname Vartanian translates to “Giver of Flowers”. I started out as a paper florist in 2014 giving away my flowers to family and friends getting married, spending countless hours and making sure that their wedding florals were unlike any other.

I’ve steadily added and improved the specimens in my repertoire of over 30 different pieces of flora. With my background in fine arts and sculpture, I go about each project with a solid idea of color, texture, structure, and sense of scale to achieve the goals of each of my clients. 

I’m not currently taking custom orders until the end of the year, but feel free to contact me about purchasing some of my ready-made stems! Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much do you charge?
A: After I have an idea of what the project will be, I'll put together a custom quote based on materials, complexity, and estimated hours. I have a price-per-stem list that you can have upon request.

Q: What if I want a flower that you haven't made yet?
A: I love a new challenge! I'll practice and make a recipe for any requested flowers and let you know how it goes!

Q: Do you make giant flowers?
A: I have in the past, but it isn't something I have a ton of experience with. I can recommend some amazing artists that you can start talking with.

Q: Do you make flowers in unconventional colors, e.g. a blue peony?
A: I strive for realism with my flowers and spend time studying botanical prints, pictures, and real flowers. This drive is part of what makes my art mine! What I can do is use other ways to incorporate any specific colors into the piece.

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