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Ice Water Games Re-Brand (in progress)

Ice Water Games Re-Brand (in progress)

Ice Water Games started in 2013 when the founder Kevin and I were still in college. I worked with him on the name and feel and I quickly through together a logo so that it looked like an actual company for the release of the debut game Eidolon. Five years and a handful of games later, IWG was definitely in need of a facelift.

With this rebranding, Kevin was looking for a fresh, playful, versatile take on the indie game label that was future game facing, but still keeping true to the sort of stoic, quietness of the old brand.

A major theme with the games that IWG has released (and is currently working on) is self-motivated discovery. Players are never given much direction or incentive to explore, but are driven by finding their own meaning and story by spending time in the worlds. I wanted sentiment to be reflected in the new brand.

The new Ice Water Games brand invites you on a walk through the undergrowth and peer upon a collection of found objects. The ground offers a composition of leaves, mushrooms, weapons, bones, and other debris that can be arranged into a seamless pattern, or arranged to select just a few.

This brand is designed to change and morph when it needs to. We plan on adding to the visual library as the brand evolves and using alternative color schemes as we see fit.

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