graphic designer / illustrator / sculptor
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Viridi is a potted plant simulator featuring succulents for mobile and desktop. My vision was to give users a beautiful tiny garden to nurture and grow, discover new plants, and be delighted by the soft music and unfurling animations. It has had just under 2.5 million downloads worldwide and a pretty dedicated fanbase. This app was produced by myself, two programers and a musician, released under Ice Water Games. My chief duties include branding, conceptualizing UX/UI design, user flows, 3D modeling, and game design. 

We've been delighted with the reception of Viridi and have been written about on the Huffington Post, The New York Times, Washington Post, Fast Company, Buzzfeed, Upworthy, National Geographic, and more. 

Viridi on the App Store

Viridi on Google Play

Viridi on Steam

Pain Planner

Pain Planner

This app is a work on progress, inspired by having to use pre-existing headache apps on the market. Frustrated by their inconvenience and complexity, I decided to make my own headache app that sends you a push notification every day, asking if your head hurt. If it didn't, the note goes away until the next day. If it did hurt, Pain Planner opens and leads you through a simple process of recording it for later use in charts and graphs. Design for this app is paused right now, but I'd love to come back to it!